even before it became fashionable to talk 久久精品视频在线直播0about environmental protection in the late 1980s, we had 久久精品视频在线直播1already given the issue our serious 久久精品视频在线直播2consideration.

that was why we named our company enviro-tech to articulate an aspiration to combine positive enviro mental practices with our hi-tech operations to help foster a sustainable future. but more than this, we put our green vision to practice in everything we do, whether within our company or with our customers.

when we design and build any data centre, and when we develop any mechanical, lighting, electrical, security or it systems, 在线观看中文字幕视频网址3we carefully think through the 在线观看中文字幕视频网址4environmental implications.

to achieve this green vision, we endeavor to minimize the environmental blueprint of the data 东风影库永在线观看5centres we develop and design projects for greater energy conservation and efficiency.